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Micfil Fuel Optimization


Micfil Fuel Optimizing System FO 10

The micfil fuel optimizer disperses the clumping of the hydrocarbon molecules and improves the combustion

Diesel fuel is composed of long chained hydrocarbon molecules and is, due to its nature as a fluid, prone to changes. Chemical reactions cause the hydrocarbon molecules to cluster and grow in size. The fuel becomes cloudy. This results in poor combustion because individual molecules don’t get enough oxygen during combustion. This results excessive exhaust and particle emissions. Most of the tank sludge is caused by this clogging.

Molecular cluster size decreases by using micfil Magnetic fuel optimizers and at the same time increasing atomization efficiency and therefore much increased fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption can be reduced saving natural resources as well less harmful emissions.

When fuel flows through the fuel optimizer the hydrocarbon molecules are electro statically charged which causes the dissolving of clusters in the fuel. The fuel molecules align with each other. This improves the atomization upon injection. The individual fuel molecules receive more oxygen during the ignition process.

The orientation of molecules in a fluid can be changed by applying a polarised magnetic field. The tiny molecular charge makes the molecules rotate into alignment with the applied field, and they then hold that position for a short time due to the matching alignment of their neighbouring molecules. We use only Neodymium Iron Boron magnet as it is currently one of the most powerful commercial magnetic materials on the market today

It is a known fact that atomization efficiency is the major issue of combustion efficiency in generators, mining industry, shipping, car, truck, trains, aviation, home and commercial heating, power plants and any industrial use. This is true in gasoline, diesel and biodiesel engines.

Magnetic fuel treatments have actually had impressive effects and our continued develpoment in this field have shown significant imrovents over older designs which only expose the fuel to one single sided magnetic field.

We have developed several sizes of fuel optimizers which together with our micfil filter and water separator are capable of altering the physical structure of fuels (gasoline, diesel, fuel oil) giving a more efficient combustion, thereby saving fuel and reducing NOX, CO and PM emissions into the atmosphere. Also romoving the conditions required for the growth of bacteria and the sludge associated with.



Article Length Diameter Connections
FO 10 180 mm 55 mm 1/4" x 10 mm
FO 16 245 mm 60 mm 1/2" x 18/22 mm
FO 22 245 mm 65 mm 3/4" x 22/28 mm