Micfil International - Slogan: it's time to go green!

A mobile solution to filter ultra fine large quantity’s of oil and diesel.

The micfil mobile bulk filtering container contains many components which contribute to a highly efficient oil or diesel filtration for industrial usage.

Micfil mobile bulkfiltering container

For a couple of months now we have offered our new product the Micfil Ultrafine Bulk filtration. Many of our customers require very clean fuel and oil in large quantities, for this reason we have developed our new product: Micfil mobile filter container and are happy to be able to offer it to you our customers.


obszary zastosowań

filtry mogą być instalowane w

  • Rafinerie      Stacje
  • benzynowe     
  • paliwa lub przechowywania oleju     
  • centra dystrybucyjne,     
  • Statki bunkrowania stacji     
  • na pokładzie statków,     
  • Budownictwo     

requiments techniczne

400V 50 HZ or 220V Single Phase 60 HZ