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Najdrobniejszych filtry oleju hydraulicznego

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micfil ultrafine filters for hydraulic oil

Maintenance of hydraulic oil is often neglected. Regular maintenance of oil is a crucial factor for faultless operation. The components in a modern hydraulic unit glide on an oil film of less than 10 μm. 

This fine oil film guarantees the smooth operation of the system, however it requires clean oil.

In practice, fluids in hydraulic systems are often highly contaminated. This is not always apparent as the visibility threshold for the human eye is approximately 40 μm. 

The micfil ultrafine filter in the bypass flow has a filter performance of 0.5 μm and provides a continuous cleaning process of hydraulic oils and absorption of water. The filter reduces wear on valves, cylinders and pistons and minimizes the risk of breakdowns.

A particle count oil analysis shows the high filter performance of the micfil ultrafine filters:

Size of particles

pro 100 ml

Without micfil filtration

pro 100 ml

With filtration

pro 100 ml

> 2 μm 1,845,320 52,475
> 5 μm 1,583,675 2,450
> 10 μm 1,415,367 341
> 15 μm 1,256,380 45
Water ppm 5,450 175